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NEW 3D Multimedia Fog Screen

NEW 3D Multimedia Fog Screen
Product name:NEW 3D Multimedia Fog Screen
 Screen Size: 1m x 1m (width 1-6 meters can be customized according to requirements)

Voltage: AC 220V  

Power: 3000W

Water consumption: 8-15L/H (Water supply at the installation site is required)

Fog screen generator size: 2.1x0.55 x 0.60m

Gross weight: 100KG.

Projector requirements: 5000 lumen or more (6000 lumen  if the environment is brighter)

LCD display window with remote control. The new upgraded version of the air projection fog screen technology is safe and reliable for automatic drainage. It can be widely used in science and technology museums, museums, exhibition halls, airports, shopping mall entrances, discos, KTV, entertainment venues for tourist attractions, corporate showrooms, home theaters and other fields. New product launches, performing arts venues, theme education halls, and children's science parks can all be used as a new type of display media.

1. People can shuttle freely in this kind of phantom image, causing the phantom effect of real people can enter the video screen, is a new type of display media.

2. You can play slide images, videos, movies and other video data.

3. Each fog screen unit can be used alone or in combination to form a variety of shapes and sizes, such as plane, arc, etc.

4, the image is clear, full of dynamic, no delay in image display.

5. Fog screen device can be computer, program, infrared, laser, through the projector speed of light projection on the fog screen, forming a variety of dynamic, virtual

Multiple images.

6, fog screen gas is non-toxic and tasteless, no pollution, will not cause any damage to the human body, visitors can interact with fog screen.

7. The fog of the fog screen will not accumulate in the room and disappear immediately after power off.

8, the site installation requirements are small, can be installed in the hall, aisle, passage.

9. At the same time, the equipment has two installation methods: hanging type and floor-standing type, which not only facilitates the installation of the equipment, but also improves the use efficiency of the space.

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